Hand of Erolon

Chapter Contents

1. Meeting at Sandpoint Port
2. Introductions are in Order
3. Bearware the Zombear
4. Crabs, Rope Burns, and More Crabs
5. Drag on, Dragon!
6. A Drow & Some kind of Dwarf
*Bonus chapter: Don’t Drink Mushroom Soup Before Bedtime
7. Deer Gawd,
8. Lawth’s Trial: Grimsfeld’s Mettle
9. Lawth’s Trial: Lyrah’s Past, Present, and Power
10. Lawth’s Trial: Jayce’s McMuffin
11. Lawth’s Trial: Monastery Pillage
a) Lawth’s Trial: Cut Short Proposal
b) The Shopping Episode
12. Enter Zivaldi the Tinkerer
13. Kaiju Battle
14. Beast Bums
15. Foreshadowing Turn of Events
16. Jayce’s Leave
17. Ghastly Galleon
a) Drastaka Breather
18. At Dawn, We Contrive!

At Dawn, We Contrive!
last week's sesh

• Zivaldi, Vahn, Paytah, and Kiriyu take their leave to give their answer to the Elders the next day
o They decide to go shopping for supplies
• After talking to the Porter Master, Darlene, Grimsfeld makes his way towards the Elder’s temple
o He asks the dragonborn greeter there if she had seen a group of travelers come by
 She tells him he just missed them and directs him to Godrick’s Glorious Goods central of Drastaka
• Bobi, at the Pig’s Respite, thanks the dwarvin lady for the information and tells Lyrah
o Lyrah’s somewhat coherently understand Bobi


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